Magic Burns 9 Times-Casual Games

The Game Features

Global exclusive first innovative game
As long as you have a heart and everyone is a magical girl, combined with the Majokko type of fun game, you can command the army to play the world with simple fingers.

I want to change and make you change
Whether you are a middle-aged uncle or a cat, a magical girl can transcend racial gender.

Casual placement and easy zero operation
Easy to play games? No problem, turn on automatic combat, watch the game characters work hard, all kinds of funny sprays, will definitely make you laugh.

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well-known landmark building to the world
In the battle map of the game, you will have the opportunity to meet the buildings that you will see in real life and play games to see the world.

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All kinds of game mode wonderful play
Replica, dungeons, peekaboo, and various ways of playing, you can enjoy your game at any time.

Global magical girl fights for high
Who is the captain of the world’s top magical girl? Come and match the magical girl 5V5 & 15V15 from all over the world.

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Friends and Friends Association
Collaborate with friends from all over the world to challenge the Association Boss and honor the world.

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game battle brain is not simple
Thousands of strategic configurations, special formation systems, attributes, and citizen magic collection

It is a placement game that combines simulation and development. Players can cultivate their magical girls through the collection and development of elements, and fight against all kinds of strange monsters and BOSS from the Devil.

The mascot that came to the world came to Hyundai. In order to find someone who could help him, I met the girl who had tied the two ponytails in the fate. She just wanted to find a mascot of the elite troops. It became a situation in which everyone was motivated. All the people present became magical girls. Together, in order to carry out the courage of love and peace, they formed a magical girl squad to fight the invading monster.
Ready to fight with your magical girl army? Welcome to the magical world of Magic Burning Nine!!!

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⟪Crazy Golf Cat⟫ Pre-registrations exceeded 100,000 shocked the production team!


Developed by the Taiwanese team Elecell Games, ⟪Crazy Golf Cat⟫ has already surpassed 100,000 pre-registrants. The production team said, “With limited resources, this game genre is a new attempt and challenge for us, and we are surprised that it has attracted 100,000 pre-registrations in just a few days.


In this game, players choose their favorite cats to challenge more than 100 levels, there will be chain saws, sword girl and other traps to block the cats to move forward. Players need to use ingenuity to make the cat fly into the hole, the levels are simple and fun, and it only takes an average of 1 minute to pass the level, suitable for playing in the spare time.


During the pre-registration period, team members not only expanded the number of levels but also added a star ranking feature. Players must use the least number of sticks to pass the game in order to be on the list. The production team said: “After the game is officially opened, we will continue to introduce new levels and traps, hoping to bring the best experience and content to the players.


Game Name: Crazy Golf Cat

Developer:Elecell Games

Launch date: January 10, 2023

Price: free



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Celebrate the hot launch of “Meta Mahjong”

The Most Eye-catching Mahjong Mobile Game in 2022── Let’s gather in “Meta Mahjong” with heroes from all walks of life!

Element Cell Game Limited. will bring you a new enjoyment of Taiwan’s authentic 16-card mahjong in the third season of 2022. The detailed three-dimensional model combined with shocking special effects is like the exciting sense of presence at the poker table. You will become your destined hero in a second. If you are confident, you will definitely become the ever-victorious army in the game!

【Featured Heroes】
Choose your destined hero and have a wonderful competitive mahjong game!
【shock special effects】
You can also enjoy the fun of playing cards without taking classes!
There are also gravel, vortex, and flower blooming special effects, and you can choose thousands of combinations for you! Your game is defined by you~
【ranking honor】
Masters are hidden everywhere in the world, do you also want to know how much you are? The ranking mode based on strength is waiting for you to bravely enter!
【Event Contest】
Festival competitions and activities are open from time to time, and various reward targets are waiting for you to crush!

Record your personal record and winning percentage, and you can also count your achievement badges in detail. There is no cheating in the fair game. Let’s compete with your strength!

【Reward Pool System】
The rich reward pool system makes you addicted once you draw!
【Lucky little things】
Put your lucky little objects and add many changes to your game!
ElementCell Game Limited. Adhering to the concept of absolute fairness and impartiality, we are committed to the development of “Yuan Mahjong”. Players just immerse themselves in the game and compete with each other! Follow us to receive the first-hand latest news immediately! See you in the public beta~
Game Name: Meta Mahjong
Developer: Element Cell Game Limited.
Corresponding platform: iOS/Android
Release date: Q3 2022
Price: free
Game rating: 18+
Language Support: Traditional Chinese/Simplified/English