Happy New Year! Shepherd Saga 2 50K milestone on Google Play!



We are celebrating that Shepherd Saga 2 received over 50K downloads on Google Play Store!
Event 1 : Shepherd Parade! Free Coupon!
2016-01-06 All players shall receive a Premium Sheep Coupon for free!
Event 2: 24hr 50% Bonus Gem
For all gem purchases on 2016-01-06, players will receive 50% extra bonus gems from their mailbox.Special Mission! Show Off Your Ranch!
Event 3: Post a screenshot on our Facebook page to show off your ranch and the sheep. Participants will receive a Premium Sheep Coupon!

【Shepherd Saga 2】 Christmas Events

Christmas is coming!

The Shepherds and their sheep are ready to celebrate the festival!
◆【Shepherd Saga 2】 Christmas Events
Period: Dec 23, 2015 ~ Jan 5, 2016
Did you notice that your ranch has been decorated for Christmas?
The decorations will be in effect throughout the event.
Let’s have fun in the winter festival!
Event 1:
During this period, you have a chance to get the new Christmas Sheep when you
buy a 1200-coin sheep!
Event 2:
A mysterious new Black Sheep has creeped into some ranches. Try find out how to
get them!
Event 3:
Download and play our new game 【全台摸麻將】 to receive a Christmas Sheep by
the end of the event period! (Android only)
【全台摸麻將】 Google Play Download Link:


About server failure

Dear Players,

The Element Cell game server failure has been fixed as of November 30 17:00 (GMT+8).

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The following remunerations will be dispatched:

Dragoon Maiden – 50 gem, 12000 coin

Shepherd Saga 2 – 50 gem, 12000 coin

Shepherd Saga – 5 gem, 12000 coin

150K Sheep!!

Congratulations! Our Dear Shepherds have sold more than a 150K sheep in the Kingdom of Arcadia!
We thank you for your support, and are proud of your achievement!

Daily Bonus!
Event Period:2015/05/26 – 2015/05/28
You will be given a Premium Coupon for each day you come back! (Up to 3 coupons)

★The Bonus Gem dispatch time will be  the end of the day.

20K Celebration!

20,000 shepherds have moved into Shepherd Saga!
The Kingdom of Arcadia wish to thank you for your support!
You may receive a Premium Sheep Coupon for each day you login during 2015/05/26 ~ 2015/05/28!

★The Bonus Gem dispatch time will be  the end of the day.